Photographing The Natural World

Confirming what we already knew; all polarizing filters are created equal.

I teach my workshop classes not to spend over $125 on tripod legs–advice, I am sad to say, sometimes goes in one ear and out the other–and to not spend more than $80 for a polarizing filter. The folks at Sing-Ray are certainly not pleased with me, but, well, there it is.  77mm Sing-Ray polarizers cost upwards of $250.  The 82mm polarizer costs–gulp–$450.  82mm Tiffens are $56 at B&H.  77mm Tiffens are $37.


Now comes an blog post by Roger at confirming what I’ve been preaching for years; don’t spend more than $80 on polarizers.  Formal testing shows, they all do a great job of polarizing light.

And here’s the good part; after you use your cheap-but-fully-functional polarizers for several years and either crack them or scratch them to death, they make great beer coasters!  And you look cool as a photographer showing people you can find new uses for worn-out gear!

Read it and weep, Sing-Ray:  Roger’s Article


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