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Yet another fire in Yosemite!

(8/30/17) Good God! I have a strong sense of Deja Vu saying this again, but we all knew this was possible this year.  Drive up to Yosemite from any direction and you see huge groups of dead trees from the drought; as far as the eye can see, tender-box-dry pine needles just waiting for the slightest spark to burst them into flames.  Such is the case near Fish Camp, about 10 miles north of Oakhurst on the southern route into Yosemite, highway 41.  Fish Camp and Sugar Pine have been evacuated.  41 is closed from the fast moving Railroad fire.  From 60 acres to 5000 just “…yesterday afternoon…”, quoting the internal memo I got today.  Here’s the official internal memo from YNP:

“I wanted to let you all know that Highway 41 south of Yosemite is closed due to the Railroad Fire, which started yesterday afternoon near Fish Camp. The communities of Sugar Pine and Fish Camp have been evacuated. There is no access to Yosemite via Highway 41. This fire spread from 60 acres to over 5000 in a very short time yesterday afternoon, and we have no estimate as to when the road will reopen.
Glacier Point Road remains closed due to the Empire Fire as well.
As always, please check current road conditions before you start your trip to the park, for Yosemite Roads and Weather call 209-372-0200, and for roads outside the park, call Cal Trans at 1-800-327-7623.”
Welcome to Yosemite in summer and especially after a major drought.
If you get to Oakhurst, you’ll have to go to Mariposa by 49, then into the park via 120.
And it wasn’t that long ago that Mariposa had a huge fire scare.  Just take a deep breath and hang in there…


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