Photographing The Natural World

Hot weather coming to Yosemite; The waterfalls will be ROCKIN’!!

(5/2/17) The high temperatures in Yosemite Valley on Wednesday and Thursday of this week will be up in the upper 70’s. The high on Thursday in Fresno is predicted to be 99!  This means intense sun on the high elevation snowpack and an accelerated melt, at least temporarily. If you want to see Yosemite waterfalls at their most awe-inspiring intensity, make the scene on Thursday.  There will be flooding in the meadows and possibly on roads and campgrounds, but this is going to be something to witness.  I’m going up to shoot waterfalls and to document the flooding.

A word of warning; DO NOT go up this weekend. The hoards of day-trippers will be there, making it impossible to get around. Then, in the afternoon, when you want to leave, the line on Northside Drive will be backed up to Curry Village. An L.A. freeway on Friday afternoon moves faster. And to add to the problem, construction on the roads in the east end of Yosemite Valley is causing several traffic-choking detours.  Plus, a storm is coming in on Saturday, so the weekend might not be so good.

My Early Spring Waterfalls workshop is scheduled for next week, and those folks are in for the shooting opportunities of a lifetime. This is not an overstatement. Storms, epic runoff, flooding, raging moving water all over the place will give us endless motion-blur, clouds, mist, possibly rainbows, etc. FYI, we still have openings if you can get a hotel at this late date. Yosemite Photo Workshops

(9am, 5/2/17) Update: The Park Service just issued a flood warning! Water will be OVER Swinging Bridge and all meadows will be inundated.

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