Photographing The Natural World

Updates in Yosemite

Glacier Point Road opening soon

(4/26/17) We got word last week that Glacier Point Road is open to administration traffic only, which means the road is largely plowed, but there are a few minor tweaks they have to do to the roads before they open to the public.  This includes filling potholes, inspecting for avalanche risk and the like.  They also open the restrooms, clear the walking paths out to Glacier Point and generally ensure that it’s relatively safe to visit.  Now, this does not mean that hiking trials will be made safe for a leisurely stroll; the trails to Taft Point, Sentinel Dome and other Glacier Point destinations are still under a LOT of snow, but inevitably folks will carve out trails over the snow until it melts.  Don’t look for dry, clear trails until late in June at the earliest.

The High Country has 172% of normal snowpack, and that snowpack has the highest water content ever measured.  The waterfalls will be epic and will last well into July.  The Tuolumne Meadows area probably will not open until late June, and it is entirely possible that the High Sierra Camp system will not open this year due to the huge snowpack at higher elevations.

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